About Us

In a bustling city where dreams met reality, there was a place where every heart longed to be - "Baytkon," which means "your house" in Arabic. Baytkon wasn't just a store; it was a sanctuary of dreams, a haven for homemakers, and a destination for those who yearned to build a beautiful home filled with warmth and elegance.

Baytkon was more than just a business; it was a promise. A promise to turn a simple house into a cherished home, where every corner told a story, and every room reflected the personality of its owner. And how did they do it? Through an exquisite collection of home and kitchen appliances that could turn any ordinary space into a masterpiece.

At the heart of Baytkon's offerings were the Valse cups and glasses from the renowned Pasabahce brand. These were no ordinary cups and glasses; they were vessels of memories, carriers of conversations, and the companions of countless moments shared over tea, coffee, or a glass of fine wine. Baytkon's shelves sparkled with these elegant pieces, inviting customers to choose the ones that resonated with their style and taste.

But Baytkon didn't stop at glassware. They believed in the art of creating a home that was an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. This was evident in their collection of Chinese and Indian rugs, each rug telling a tale of craftsmanship, history, and artistry. These rugs weren't just floor coverings; they were pieces of culture that could transform any room into a vibrant and welcoming space.

What set Baytkon apart from the rest was their commitment to affordability. They believed that everyone deserved to have a beautiful home, regardless of their budget. Baytkon made sure that their clients could enjoy these exquisite sets without breaking the bank. It wasn't about selling products; it was about making dreams come true.

Baytkon welcomed both retail shoppers and those searching for unique, individual pieces. Whether you were furnishing an entire house or just looking for that one special item to complete a room, Baytkon had something for everyone.

The magic of Baytkon lay not only in their products but also in the experience they offered. Walking into their store felt like stepping into a world where beauty met functionality, where culture mingled with modernity, and where dreams were curated into reality.

With Baytkon, building a beautiful home wasn't just a possibility; it was a promise. A promise that every customer could hold dear as they embarked on the journey of creating a space that was truly their own. Baytkon was more than just a brand; it was a companion on the path to creating homes filled with love, warmth, and memories.

So, if you ever find yourself dreaming of a beautiful home, remember Baytkon - where dreams were built, one elegant cup, one exquisite rug, and one happy customer at a time. Your house, their promise, Baytkon.